Aphorism: reproduction and co-optation

From a strategic point of view, reproduction broadly understood is important because it is on its terrain that co-optation occurs at the end of any cycle of struggle, and this is a quite obvious, straightforward matter. Capital’s co-optation of our struggles — by means of various forms of governance coupling the desires and aspiration of struggling subjects to a new generation of capital’s loops — occurs because despite our protest movements, we still have to reproduce our lives and livelihoods . . .And therefore, either we fundamentally change the modes of reproduction of our lives by using the force generated by our oppositional movements when they gain momentum, or we will have soon to go back to their modes of reproduction of our lives by sheer necessity. The question of commons, of counter-enclosures, of a radically different access to the means of reproduction of livelihoods must therefore be at the centre of any truly radical discourse.

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