Somos todos agent Smith!

thematrix.jpgHypothesis on the Matrix film trilogy:

matrix 1 = class autonomy;

matrix 2 = marxism leninism;

matrix 3 = capital’s governamentality.

This epic in three films is the epic of the capitalist dream, of capital’s longing for survival, a survival that depends on capital’s managers to find the right answer to the question: how to turn class autonomy into capital governamentality, that is how to couple class struggle to capital’s loops? That was the Matrix’s epic story, the dream of capital, with our struggles (Matrix 1) as part of its dynamic (Matrix 2), finally co-opted (Matrix 3), to give shape to the impulse to capital’s homeostasis . . . and the vanguardist “ideologies” and mass movements without multiplicity (Matrix 2) as integral part of the transition to management and governamentality, where no one has an ideology (it is supposed to be the “end of history” after all), and everybody agree that “management” is a fact of life, that “efficiency” is the measure of all things, and conflict is simply a communication problem. The “representatives of the movement” cut a deal with the Matrix emperors and, together, they produce empire to squash agent Smith turned into a variable generated by the matrix but now incompatible with its survival. Films may indeed reproduce the master’s obsessions of the time!

But then, who is agent Smith? he is the one that from being a nobody only doing his job within the matrix (Matrix 1) — Smith, after all is a common name — turned into a mask weared by many (Matrix 3). Thousands, million, billions rufusing to do their job as defined by the matrix and thus they threaten to bring it down, the same system that has generated them. Somos todos agent Smith!

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