The cooptation of commons: “capital’s plan B” - Part 1

video_button_white_dred.gifI post here part 1 of a talk delivered on the Future of the Common in April 2006, in which George Caffentzis voices his fear about capital’s “plan B”: the cooptation of commons as a transition towards a fully marketised world (Part 2 available tomorrow. There is also an online article by Caffentzis along this lines available in the ”Shut them down” collection). Caffentzis refers here to the thinking within the World Bank which started to come out in a 1992 World Development Report, continued through hundreds of studies and then, ended up in June last year. This discourse attempts to highjack discourses and practices of cooperation, collective action and commons as it became clear at the G8 meeting of Gleneagles (see entry video clip of Paul Wofowitz in the blog entry: Paul Walfowitz joins the struggle). Consequently, it is even more important for us to sharpen our understanding of what do we mean by commons, and problematise how this meaning and corresponding practices cannot be coopted. To put it with Caffentzis’ latest line, commons for us are about healing the separation between waged and unwaged workers and the means of subsistence/production. A good starting point — going back at least to Marx — to ground our reclaiming of the commons. Click the video below. If you cannot see it, try here.

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