rough notes on a point of division: Durban, South Africa

rough notes on a point of division: => I learn that a community is divided on a question of the damp and project of incinerator. Near the Kennedy road, where the poorerst dwellers live in shacks, there is an old dump in a valley being filled for years . . .contradiction between the poorest communities (kennedy road) and the less poor, in a different housing estate, a bit higher up, people living in solid houses and not shacks . . .the latter is a bit further away from the dump. The latter wanted the dump to be removed, while the council wanted to put an incinirator to earn some brownie carbon credit points to contribute to the neoliberal way of dealing with global warning (sic!) . . .the poorest communities wanted the dump out, but the council started to promise house regeneration and other services, a very attractive prospect . . .hence there is here a line of division between the two communities . . .of course the council promises are empty, but is it better to believe empty promises or no promises at all? Will a common be found among the two communities to go beyond a point of division?

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