A report on Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Forum on the commons

Here is an excellent post on by Mayo Fuster: A report on Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Forum on the commons 16-17 Fe 2012 in NYC from the eyes of a digital commoner from the global movement generation coming from Barcelona

The relation highlighted between “pre-political” groups and the movement is well taken, as it is the highlighting of the question of “care” — and specifically the example of the Tanzanian student who joined the movement after having been “liberated” . . .some of this may evoke some practices in digital communities, but I think it goes far deeper in human socialbility . . .when Mayo wrote about the “pre-political” stuff I did not think about digital commons, but water associations in cochabamba, or simply those affective and mutual aid interactions that are constituted among networks of friends . .in other words, movements are a specific arena of commons of different nature, . . movements in turn plays a role in consolidating, reconfiguring and scaling up the commons . . .

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