Gold magnate complaining about “Rogue” NGOs

video_button_white_dred.gifThis is an interview by FT to Peter Munk, founder and chairman of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold mining corporation. He is a an example of corporate magnate confronting neoliberal governance. So, few words on the latter to contextualise. Neoliberal governance is a strategy to articulate social conflict (on labour, social, environmental fronts) to the priorities of capital’s accumulation, as for example promoted by the UN global compact. It is grounded on the discourse of “Partnership and participation” between business and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working on social and environmental issues. This implies the mutual (i.e. business-NGOs) acceptance of shared normative standards, certain degree of agreements on basic common principles, lines defining who is in or who is out of the “partnership”. Once NGOs are confronted with the offer of partnership by big businesses and government institutions, the key questions are the following: What are the principles of selection? Who is participating in the establishment of partnerships and who is not? Whom do they represent? Will they accept the common ground necessary to play ‘games under rules’ of market and business, or will they want to play games about rules? And if setting rules is part of the game,to what extent are
participants under external pressure (such as socially constrained access to resources) that limits their space and power to set the rules they desire beyond the market? And if their rules are not those of the market and profit,will they then be labelled ‘rouges’,‘deviants’,‘terrorists’,and criminalised accordingly? In this video, gold magnate Peter Munk call then “rougue” and it would be interesting to know who is he taling about, what the activities and struggle on the ground they are involved on. Anybody knows out there?

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