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Aquaculture and cancer

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

fishfarming.jpgvideo_button_white_dred.gifThis article from the International Herald Tribune argues that Chinese fish farmers face polluted waters. There are 10 million fish farmers in China who produce for both domestic and export markets. Much of Chinese fish export goes to Japan and East Asia, followed by USA and Europe. 70% of world farmed seafood comes from China, mostly grown inland. So much is the intensity of aquaculture along the coast of China, that not only fish farming pollutes fresh water sources and the surrounding land (a classical example of modern enclosures for the traditional peasantry and local communities — not discussed by this article) but fish farmers are polluting each other ponds. The pollutants of fish and shrimp exports are linked to cancer. Look at this video from The New York Times which pictures fish farmers working in their surrounding, and discusses the reasons why Chinese fish exports are polluted. The colour of the water in these video clips is not the most attractive! Also, check this slide show always from the New York Times for a visual ideaof the work involved in fish farming.

Foreclosures: costs and movements

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

video_button_white_dred.gifThis video extract from of 29 November discusses the social and human cost of foreclosures in the US, the number of which has nearly doubled to 225000 in the Month of October.

Also shown is an interviews to activists from NEPAD, an NGO who is asking Investment Banks to aknowledge their responsibility in this crisis and donate their holiday bonus to prevent furhter foreclosures. About 2 million home owners are potentially facing foreclosures when their adjustable rate mortgages resets at higher rate. (more…)

Communist Manifestoon

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

video_button_white_dred.gifI found this 8 minutes video, voice over text from Marx and Engels 1848 Communist Manifesto and images from a broad range of Golden Age XXth Century Hollywood animation. And what a pairing this is!

A not so old debate

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

video_button_white_dred.gifThe following two videoclips are an extract of a debate held in Holland in 1974, between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky. What is interesting for us is that they capture a quite current contraposition between two approaches to politics, that of a politics of immanence (Foucault) and of transcendence (Chomsky). For Foucault concepts such as justice and human nature are socially constructed within our civilisation, class society and form of knowledge, hence we cannot appeal to “these notions to describe or justify a fight which should — and shall in principle — overthrow the very fundamentals of our society.” To Chomsky instead, there is a fundamental absolute basis, “ultimately residing in fundamental human qualities” in term of which the “real notion of justice is grounded”. The current class based system of justice also ambody a “kind of a groping towards the true humanly valuable concept of justice, and decency, and love and kindness and love” that Chomsky believes are real.

If we take constituent struggles as our starting point — as struggles constituting the outside of capital in the here and now — both perspectives are useful, and limited. From Chomsky’s critique of Foucault we derive the need to create an outside to capital’s civilisation. From Foucault’s critique of Chomsky we derive the need to recognise this outside within. From the perspective of struggles that posit values outside capital (hence other senses of justice, human nature, etc.), struggles constitute frontlines, hence posit absolutes in the here and now at the same time.

Part 1

Part 2

Microcredit, enclosures, commons

Monday, December 18th, 2006

video_button_white_dred.gifThis is an extract of a debate on microcredit broadcasted by Democracy Now! (13 December - go here for full coverage in real player) between Susan Davis, founder and chair of the Grameen Foundation, and Vandana Shiva. The occasion was the Nobel Peace price acceptance speech made by the founder of Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus. The Commoner has already pusblished a critique of Grameen Bank with the article by George Caffentzis titled Varieties of Bancocide: Left and Right Critiques of the World Bank and IMF, linking microcredit to IMF and World Bank policies.

The debate here extracted is not only informative, it is also enlightening of the gap we have to overcome in our critical discourses. Susan Davis and Vandana Shiva epitomise here two opposite ways to deal with “poverty” and “development”. Susan Davis, in a business like fashion, (more…)

If your non violent protests make them loose money, you are a terrorist (and they are the terrorised!).

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

video_button_white_dred.gifNews clip from Democracy Now! of 14 November about a new bill passed in the US House of Representatives turning up the criminalisation of non violent animal right protests (and others, of course, perhaps soon to follow . . .let us see what the neodem will do about this . . .). Here are the seeds for the criminalisation of the “beginning of history” because terrorist is said here of a protest that make business loose money . . . in other words, terrorism is being fed up with a system based on making money. . . .and who are the terrorised?

Enclosures’ terrifying fragility

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

video_button_white_dred.gifHere is a short clip from Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, The Wrath of God, a 1972 film set in the mid-16th Century, and telling the story of Don Lope de Aguirre (Klaus Kinski), ‘the wrath of god’ who, consumed with visions of conquering all of South America, leads his own army down a river battling with starvation, Indians, nature and each other. The character shown in this clip is the “emperor to be” of the not-yet conquered land. He is seen here leaving the latrine on the raft just seconds before sitting at a table, making a pompous pronouncement about him taking owneship of the surrounding land, and then signing a dirty piece of paper, the evident proof of his newly acquired property. I love this clip! It captures a moment of the institutionalisation of enclosures, and reveals it so damned fragile and almost fortuitos, a fragility underlined by Aguirre’s subtle comment to the emperor-to-be. Yes we know of course, behind this fragility of the moment of acquisition, there is the long social process that keeps acquisition in its place and turn it into a continuous precondition to capital. The characters of the film are not lucky however, and will all perish doomed by their own obsessions.

Democracy Now in Oaxaca, the autonomous zone!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

oaxaca.jpgvideo_button_white_dred.gifAfter police murder of Indymedia activist Brad Will, Gustavo Esteva was interviewed on Democracy Now! — the independent US media — on the subject of people demanding, precisely, democracy now in Oaxaca. Click here to watch reports, interviews and analysis at the frontline, as well as memorials of Brad Will. Also, watch pictures of the latest clashes here and picture gallery of the social sityation in Oaxaca. A report with discussion of the origin of the conflict can be read here

Thanks Unicef (for nothing)!

Monday, October 30th, 2006

video_button_white_dred.gifHere is a clip showing Lebanese parents describing the type of school equipment Unicef solidarity has been able to deliver. The clip is from Mosaic, at Bags that tear apart, two pens per students which do not write, children who are ashamed . . we can imagine the many meetings attended by busy Unicef project managers who must have spent hours to decide how to measure things, how to minimise “waste”, how to provide “effective” help without wasting resources . . .

The vanguard

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

video_button_white_dred.gifThis clip is from The Power of Nightmares, a BBC programme broadcasted in 2004 tracing the development of christian neocon and islamic jihadists. Here the argument is that the followers of Leo Strauss, the German born American philosopher who became the father of neocon thinking, acted like a marxist-leninist vanguard group. The clip has some Bible-Nintendo shots for Christian children and an hilarious “integrity music fitness” TV advertisement, that offers you to get fit while praying I suppose. Incidentally, the three parts film (a must-be-watched-available to download at also argues that the Islamic Jihadists have taken up the vanguard features recognisable in Marxism-Leninism. If you cannot see the video below, click here.