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“Consumer power”

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

the other day I went to an academic talk on global corporate power . . .great insights on how national laws serve the beast to abuse and let the abusers to escape, to exploit and let the exploiters escape . . .it would have been worthwhile to take some notes, but I did not have my notebook with me . . .what stroke me was the ending . . .someone asked the professor what is to be done to deal with all these tales of horrors we are growing accustomed to . . . she candidly replied that we should use that great power of ours that she called “consumer power” . . . some of the people in the audience nodded, yes, what a great power that is: buy ethical, buy sustainable, buy fair trade . . .it is a power that allows us to meet half the way with capital, clear our conscious of guilty feelings, exercise our power in the form compatible with market relations . . .but fair trade is more expensive, and consumer power is power exercised by individuals with budget constraints, (more…)