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The postman, junk mail and the rest of us.

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

This little story on the Guardian Yesterday which I paste below is indicative of what are the jerk reactions of agents operating in a system which rely on rigid lines of separation across social roles. The postman of this story thought he was not only doing himself a favour in reducing the amount of useless junk mail he had to deliver every day. nojunkmail.jpgQuite reasonably he also believed to do the rest of us a favour in giving us an easy way out of the same daily mountains of junk mail. Not to talk about the broader positive implication that a reduction of the same junk would have, in principle,  on the environment. In a word, a win win situation, in which alternatives were ingeniously and simply practiced through commons established across social roles. . . pity that Royal Mail does not seem to appreciate this. (more…)