In this section we collect written messages addressed to people or organisations in order to raise issues, voice concerns and in the attempt to establish some clarity in our thoughts.


Interview with Evo Morales (president of the coca farmers’ federation in Chapare, Bolivia) by Yvonne Zimmermann

Back in the days of the ‘War Against Communism’ in Vietnam, a US cartoon character called Pogo, said, ‘I have seen the enemy and he is us’. Why does Pogo have no monument in Washington DC? Peter Waterman tells us in Aliens “?” Us™ (not to mention U.S.)

10 July 2001.. Robin Goodfellow comments on the last two letters with some thoughts on form and content

24 June 2001. Goblin comments on El Viejo’s letter, and reflects on the “future in the present”, the question of “violence”, and current strategies within the counter-globalization movement.

21 June 2001. El Viejo writes to the movement he is part of on Genoa, violence, a new world and respect for each-other.

25 May 2001. Goblin writes to Chris Harman, a British socialist, about the anti-capitalist movement.

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