Mariarosa Dalla Costa — Women’s Autonomy and Remuneration for Care Work in the New Emergencies

Every construction of autonomy has its own history that evolves in a specific context and must face specific obstacles and battles. Yesterday I mentioned the first stages of this history through the initiatives of that feminist movement in which I directly participated—initiatives necessary for women to regain the availability of their body. I have also recalled how, on a planetary level, this battle is far from being concluded. Here I would like to consider other aspects of this history, starting again from the initial moments of that political experience, to assess what is the relation between women and autonomy today with respect to some emergent problems, and also to ask, in relation to the latter, what has happened to both the demand that housework (or care work) be remunerated and to women’s economic autonomy. Download full PDF here: dallacosta_mexico_paper2.pdf

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