Team Colors Collective — Of Whirlwinds and Wind Chimes (or ways of listening): Movement Building & Militant Research in the United States

Team Colors, a militant research collective operating in the United States, recently utilized the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Convention protests as an opportunity to begin a strategic conversation in regards to movement building and class composition. To accomplish this, Team Colors coordinated and edited a collection of essays by, and interviews with radical organizers, intellectuals and public figures in regards to their organizational processes and strategies. This collection, entitled In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements has been available online at as of May 25. Since its release we have held nearly a dozen events throughout the U.S. under the title “Of Friends and Whirlwinds.” These events have included presentations by contributors like Philly’s Pissed / Philly Stands Up, George Caffentzis, Ben Shepard, Silvia Federici and others.

What follows is a process of digestion, in which we review our experiences of attempting to engage in militant research, discuss what results there are to discuss, and decide what we will do in the future. Principally, this will be useful to the Team Colors Collective itself. It is our hope that others will find it useful as well. [full PDF

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