Massimo De Angelis — Crises: Neoliberal Impasse and Political Recomposition

An intervention to the panel International Solidarity and Globalisation, Counter-g8 forum, 2 July 2008. 

As it has been mentioned in previous talks in these meetings, the creation of a common ground is a fundamental issue that our movements face today. But this common ground cannot be premised on the idea that the current impasse of neoliberal capital in the face of the crises has to do with the fact that “they have no brain” or “they do not know what to do”. We cannot base our desire that “Que se Vayan Todos!” [all go to hell] as the Argentineans were singing in the streets few years ago, on the basis that they are incompetent, that “they have no brain”. We have to base it on the fundamental difference and incompatibility between their way of thinking, valuing and acting upon the world that has created the current crises, and the one that emerges from the many struggles around the world. Indeed, capitalist brain is thinking, and this G8 meeting here in Ainu Mosir (Hokkaido) is an important moment of the thinking process.  <Download full PDF>



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